lucinka - A little about me...
Tell me more

Well isn’t this a hard one. When someone says tell me about yourself, I always want to default to something that sounds quite robotic, a typical google response if you like. Unfortunately, or fortunately that isn’t very me.
I am extremely passionate about the way cosmetics make you feel; I am a professional makeup artist with over 8 years’ experience. I am inspired by real women and natural features and believe that getting beauty basics right is crucial.

How did you get into makeup?

I have always loved makeup from being a young girl. I used to save my pocket money and go to boots and buy what I could get. The money I used to get from folding the washing and doing the dishes didn’t allow for much, but Collection 2000 never failed me! It was before the world of social media and Youtube so looking back my makeup was horrendous but that was just the start of love for makeup.

When I was in my teens I suffered really badly with my skin which knocked my confidence hugely so I used makeup to rebuild my confidence. I suppose this is when I really started to appreciate makeup not only as a product and how it made me look but how it made me feel.

I would always nag friends and family to practice makeup on them and when I finished my A levels I went on to study makeup in 2010 and started working for myself as a makeup artist immediately after.

What is your favourite makeup product?

Personally my favourite product is concealer. I carry one everywhere! I have quite dark circles under my eyes so even if i’m having a ‘no makeup day’ I will always put some concealer on to give the illusion that I look much fresher and brighter.

What is your favourite makeup to create?

That’s a tough one! I suppose I would have to say soft glam, with a focus on the skin. When it comes to makeup I tend to stick to natural colour palettes and quite earthy tones. Ill always create something that I feel would best compliment that person and their skin tone, eye colour and their general look. I don’t believe in creating a makeup look that doesn’t compliment someone? I don’t really see the point.

How and why did you develop your own brand of eyelashes?

Having a product range was always a goal of mine when I became a makeup artist. I’m so passionate about products and using the quality things to get the best results possible. I got a degree in Business Management between working as a makeup artist and this really helped me with the behind the scenes of my job, especially product development and marketing. I explored different options for products and at the time I always struggled to find eyelashes that suited my range of clients. So that’s what I did, developed an eyelash range.

The motivation behind the brand was to ensure that a woman of any age, any ethnicity with any eye shape would be able to go onto the site to find a pair of eyelashes that would enhance their eyes.

Which makeup artists inspire you?

The makeups artist who inspires me most are Patrick TA, Nikki Makeup and Jose Corella. I love their style. It is timeless and beautiful.

What is your greatest achievement?

That’s easy- doing a job I genuinely love! I Dreamt of doing makeup for a living and having my own shop one day. I worked hard on purpose to make these things happen.

What do you do for Glossybox UK?

Ah I love Glossybox and my family there! I do a range of things for Glossybox, I am their resident hair and makeup artist and beauty expert. I also model for their campaigns which I love! I used to do a lot of modeling when I was younger so I don’t mind being in front of the camera every now and then. I really love the concept of Glossybox – to be able to try 5 new products a month from a range of brands for such an affordable price is so fun! I enjoy trying the products from the brands I haven’t heard of most!

You can find CINK eyelashes here